IMG_1627An attempt to photograph more, process more, select more – and overall focus more on just putting the lens to good use. Building a portfolio for no other purpose than getting back to basics and capturing images. I’ll try to turn posting one a day to actually photographing one a day, but may cheat and rely on sifting through previous shots… Whatever the actual date taken – the date posted will cue up only those images I love.

After 3 years, cuerebecca is taking a sabbatical.  I am sincerely grateful for all of you who have viewed, followed, commented, and liked these daily images.  I appreciate the opportunity to share a small view of the beauty I see in the world.  I’ll be shifting my focus to other creative endeavors – and am excited to see where this next road leads…

You can continue to see my work on Instagram @cuerebecca, and my portfolio at www.rebeccamccuephotography.com

Thank you!  All my best



4 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks so much Jeana! I’m totally flattered! I am constraining myself to only post photos though, so I can’t link to 15 other blogs 😦 Love the compliment though and keep up the awesome work on your blog!

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